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Getting A Puppy : The Starting point

Are you thinking about getting your own puppy but are unsure about where to start? Dogs are one of the most lively and fun companions to have running around your home. They instantly lift your mood and help you stay physically, emotionally & mentally fit. Getting a puppy home, is like becoming parents to a baby.

But before you get a puppy home it is important to understand the commitment and responsibility that comes with getting a dog home. It requires long-term commitment, and let it not be a hurried decision. You could try hosting a dog for couple of months before getting your own puppy. This can be through or even for friends or family. Sign-up on and host different breeds, ages, and sizes of dogs. Get an idea about care and responsibility before jumping into it.

Key considerations to keep in mind when getting a puppy

Choosing the right breed, is the first step to ensure a healthy and meaningful relationship with your dog. We have a simple checklist that will help you narrow down your options. There are few basic things you need to consider, irrespective of the breed you choose;


Puppies come with expenses for food, vet visits, grooming and other supplies. Make sure you have a budget for these expenses. Annual expenses like vaccination, clothing, toys and daily expenses like food and supplements.


Consider the living space you have for the dog. Some breeds require more space for exercise and play.

Time commitment

Raising a puppy requires time, patience, and dedication. Make sure you have enough time to devote to training, socializing and caring for your new furry friend. With a grown up dog, you will still need to be around, ensure you are able to follow a routine. You will need time for daily walks and a trusted boarding place for when you travel.


Make sure no one in your family is allergic to dog.

With some pre-work, research and understanding of basic puppy care information can help ensure that you are making an informed decision when bringing a puppy into your home. With preparation and knowledge, you will be able to provide your pup with all the love and care that they need!

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