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tailZ Story

Not every dog lover can be a pet parent, and not every pet parent can afford full time help for their dogs.

So, we are here to connect the two communities. “This also ensured that our dogs would get a home, individual attention, and some fun when we are away”, said Mansi.

Neha, who used to dog sit as a student in the US agreed, “I love dogs but I could not keep a pet as a student living alone and dog sitting was the next best option. I get a dog and I get paid to keep a dog and I get to decide when I want to keep it. It’s a win-win.”

tailZ, is not a dog boarding business, as much as a community of dog lovers and pet parents trying to come together to help each other. As more and more people are opening their homes to strays and pets in India, we are here to build a community that will keep our best friends safe and happy while limiting the restrictions pet parents face in their daily lives. 

Our Journey

tailZ did not emerge as one of the many ideas that a set of aspiring entrepreneurs had one fine day. As pet parents, the company founders had struggled with various aspects of being pet parents, and the idea for tailZ evolved with growing concerns over the same. Mansi, co-founder of tailZ and alumnus of XIMB and LSR, had always had dogs as part of her household all through her childhood. 

Mansi and her husband, adopted an indie pup calling him Vuyo, a term coming from Xhosa origin meaning “Happiness”. Sonali, other co-founder of tailZ and a techie from IIT-Bombay, has an open home to all strays in her neighborhood in Delhi. Along with her sister, Sonali and her family, not only feed these strays but ensure that each of them also get the medical care and attention when they need it.

tailZ emerged after a conversation between Sonali and Mansi had them reflect over the pathetic state of boarding options for dogs in India leading to overcrowded kennels with unhygienic conditions. “Why should a weekend getaway be a punishment for our dogs?”, when there are so many dog loving people who would be happy to look after them for a short stint. As the company’s mission statement further evolved, Ritu joined the team with her experiences of being a pet parent to a senior dog with special needs. It was now time to connect animal lovers to pet parents. 

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That's what you can expect @ tailZ. 

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