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Unlock a harmonious 
with your pup with tailZ training

Whether you're dealing with a nippy puppy or need help with potty training, we've got you covered. Our certified canine behaviorist are like doggy pros who know the tricks of the trade.

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We're not just about stopping bad behaviors; we're also here to help you understand your pup better. We'll teach you how to 'speak dog' and get along with your furry friend.


Our training covers everything from teaching young puppies to behave to helping older dogs with their behavior issues. We're open to all dog breeds and ages, so whether you have a tiny Shih Tzu or a big German Shepherd, we're here for you. Our goal is to make you a top-notch dog parent and strengthen your bond with your four-legged pal.


Join us at TailZ for some doggy fun!

Please pick the issues from these packages that we offer:

Leash Training

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Pee & Poop Training


Excessive Barking

Excessive Chewing

Puppy Biting

Separation Anxiety

Resource Guarding

Food Aggression


Why Tailz

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Why tailZ training
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Certified behaviorists


Strengthen your bond


Customized Plan based on your pet’s need


Positive Reinforcement methods

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One App & multiple solutions for pet parents!
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Our training goes beyond behavior correction; it's about strengthening the unique connection you share with your furry friend. Tailored training plans based on your pet's individual needs, ensuring effective and targeted learning.  We believe in positive reinforcement methods, creating a happy and enjoyable learning environment for your dog. Our certified trainers employ positive reinforcement methods to address a spectrum of challenges, from puppy behavior to specific habits in older dogs. With customized plans tailored to your pet's needs, we aim to make you a top-notch dog parent. Choose from specialized packages targeting common issues, and join us at tailZ Training to unlock a harmonious relationship with your canine companion. 


Strengthening the bond that lasts a lifetime

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