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Make day care for your dog, a breeze!

With Tailz, you can be sure that your dog is in good hands, receiving the best care during the day while you are away. Download our app now and give your dog the ultimate day care experience!

Book Day Care:

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Drop your dog at the sitter's house for the day and pick-up a happy dog in the evening. Be assured, they will get lots of love and playtime with frequent pee and poop breaks. Pet-parent with busy schedule? tailZ day care is for you! Conveniently located near you, our network of individual day care hosts provides unparalleled services to ensure your dog has a day filled with joy and comfort. It will be your doogo's second home. Enjoy the flexibility of on-demand or long-term options, from one-time day care to convenient weekly bookings with attractive packages. Find the best dog day care near you. 


Enjoy worry-free!

Day care is great for you if you have:

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Puppies with boundless energy


Senior dogs with special needs

Dogs experiencing separation anxiety

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Why Tailz

How to book day care.

Search for Day care hosts

Find tailZ doggy day care hosts near you. Browse profiles and select the best fit for your dog's needs.

Easy & Secure Payments

Experience seamless and secure payments through tailZ, a hassle-free transaction every time.

Meet Sitters & Confirm

Schedule a Meet & Greet with your day care host and confirm your booking at your convenience.

Great care for your dog, while you are away

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Personalized care, loving environment

One-time stay or set a routine with repeat booking

Sitters you can trust. Every sitter goes through a screening & background verification process

Meet & Greet before you leave your dog. Easy refund if it doesn't work out

Receive photo and activity updates

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We got you and your dog
covered with our
  24*7 Support !


  • What is home-boarding?
    Home boarding is when your dog stays with someone else in that other person’s home, letting your dog enjoy the comforts of a family home and one-to-one attention, while you can’t be with them. With a shared passion for dogs, they either have a pet currently or have had a dog in the past, making their love for furry companions a genuine part of the tailZ experience.
  • How does tailZ home-boarding work?
    Tailz simplifies the process of finding trusted home boarding services for dogs in your vicinity. Download the app, create your profile, and effortlessly connect with reliable home-boarding options that match your preferences and location.
  • Is it safe to book through tailZ?
    We take great pride in our selection process. All our service providers go through background verification. Once selected, they interact with the experts on our panel to help them become the perfect host. We try to ensure only genuine dog-lovers are part of this community. Your ratings, review and feedback are valuable and will help us ensure we continue to partner with genuine service providers.
  • I have never left my dog alone before. Can I still use tailZ?
    Yes. Even if you have never left your dog before, you can still use dog boarding and day-care services. If your dog is still a puppy, it is a good time to get the dog used to boarding. If your dog is already an adult and has never stayed out either at boarding or friend’s place, then we recommend you start with day-care for a few hours before leaving the dog overnight.
  • How do I know my pet is taken care of during the stay?
    Your pet sitter will keep you posted, with text and photo/video updates. You can also reach out to the sitter through the app for any questions during the stay.
  • How do I modify my request?
    You can modify your request anytime before payment and confirmation. The host will need to confirm and accept any change to the booking. After payment, you will need to cancel your current request and start a fresh booking.
  • What is Meet-n-Greet?
    1. This is the time when the pet parents, pet and the care-giver get to meet and get familiar with each other. If you (your pet) and the sitter feel comfortable with each other, go ahead and confirm your booking! 2. It is required for all new bookings. Repeat bookings don’t have to go through this step. 3. Booking is confirmed only after Meet-n-Greet.
  • How do I find Dog Boarding Near Me?
    Download tailZ App. Enter your city and search for your area in the location. If you do not see your exact location, you can also search for hosts in areas close to your locality. You can also search for all hosts in your city and then send a request to the one closest to you.
  • What happens if my pet falls sick during the stay?
    Despite the best precautions, your pet could feel sick while you're away but don't worry! We will assist the sitter take care of the issue, including reaching out to your pet’s vet. We strongly recommend that you share as much information about your pet as possible, including any medical history and your vet's contact details. Your emergency contact details should be available with us for us to reach out to you.
  • What happens if my sitter has an emergency while I am away?
    We will assist the sitter to move the pet to another verified pet-sitter for the remaining duration. We will make sure a different pet-sitter is selected after confirming with you. Although not ideal, we will expect and request you to understand and support the sitter.
  • What if I am not happy with my sitter?
    That’s not something we want our customers to experience. Please let us know why you were unhappy with the service. This platform works on review and ratings. Please communicate to the sitter and us your reason for dissatisfaction.
  • How do I cancel my booking?
    Under your upcoming bookings use the cancellation option to cancel your booking. Please refer to the cancellation and refund policy of the booking before cancelling the service.
  • What is the cancellation fee?
    Refer to the cancellation and refund policy and your booking details for any cancellation fee.
  • When will I get a refund for cancelled booking?
    For refund policy check the Cancellation and Refund Policy and the booking terms. Customer Care will call to process refund after online cancellation. Refund takes 3 working days.
  • Do I pay the Sitter directly?
    No. All payments are online through Tailz. Pet sitter should not be paid directly.
  • How can I locate affordable dog boarding prices near me using tailZ?
    tailZ makes it easy to find budget-friendly dog boarding options in your locality. Use the app to search for hosts, review their profiles, and select an option that aligns with both your budget and your pet's requirements.
  • How can I find a trusted pet boarding facility for dogs near me through tailZ?
    tailZ connects you with reliable pet boarding facilities for dogs. Download the app, search for hosts, and discover the perfect home boarding facility near you, ensuring a secure and comfortable stay for your pet.
  • How do I find the best dog creche near me?
    tailZ assists you in discovering the best dog creche facilities nearby. Download the app, explore options, and choose a creche that offers a nurturing environment for your dog.
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One App & multiple solutions for pet parents!
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Are you looking for dog daycare near you? Well, you’ve sniffed out the right spot! Find the most suitable dog daycare in your area with tailZ app. Whether it's the whole day or for a few hours, we’ll help you find the purrfect solution. Now there is no need to feel guilty about leaving your dog on their own. Whether you need a one-time session or want to schedule weekly visits, tailZ offers flexible options to cater to your dog's needs and your schedule. Each day care host works closely with you to understand your and your dog's unique requirements. Before your dog's first day at tailZ Doggy Day Care, schedule a Meet & Greet with the individual day care host. This allows you to ensure a comfortable and positive experience for your pet. Your search for the best dog day care ends here.

Indulge your dog with personalized day care with tailZ

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