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Choosing the Right Dog Breed: Checklist

Choosing the right breed, is the first step to ensure a healthy and meaningful relationship with your dog. We have a simple checklist that will help you narrow down your options.

Considerations for choosing the right breed

Answer a few questions to see what breed will work for you and if this is the right time to get home a dog.

Family and Life stage
  1. Your own age and energy levels.

  2. Do you have a newborn baby or expecting one in next few months?

  3. Do you have small children at home?

  4. Senior people at home?

  5. Are you the only person who will be taking care of the dog?

Home Size
  1. Apartment with access to park or not?

  2. House with open area

  3. Balcony or terrace

  4. Space requirement of each breed is different. Some of the smaller breeds, like Shih Tzu are happy in a small space as long as they get lots of attention.

  1. Work routine and time that you can spend at home with the dog, especially at puppy stage.

  2. Active lifestyle Vs sedentary. How much time can you commit to outdoor activities and walks or would you rather sit at home?

Financial Commitment
  1. There are certain minimum expenses you must incur on any breed of dog. These would include one-time costs like initial basic vaccinations, neutering and spaying expense, basic supplies like bedding, clothing, bowls & leash.

  2. Then there are recuring expenses that change with the breed you chose. For example, food and grooming requirement will differ for each breed. Long hair and double coat breeds will require more frequent grooming as compared to a short hair breed.

  3. Accessories, treats, toys and annual vaccinations are other recurring expenses that need to be factored.

  4. Boarding expense will depend on your travel requirements.

It is a long-term commitment, and let it not be a hurried decision. Talk to pet-parents around you. You could try hosting a dog for couple of months before getting your own puppy. Be around different breeds, experience the puppy stage, adolescent stage and even senior dog care. This can be through or even for friends or family.

Watch this video by Dr Chinar to know more about Adopting a puppy.

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