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pet boarding
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No need to rush home from work, book a dog walker

Don't let your busy schedule disturb your dog's routine. Book a dog walker to ensure your dog gets that daily walk and not just a  pee & poop break. You can book a one-time walk or a monthly package. It can be once a day or even two walks daily, Mon-Sat. Book a trial walk today!

Walkers are for you:

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Dogs with high energy

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Dogs with destructive behavior  

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Pet-parents with busy schedule

Why tailZ walking

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Track all walks

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Lot's of sniffing for mental stimulation 

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Walker will scoop the poop!

How to book a walk

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Search for walkers in your area. Browse profiles & select

Easy & Secure payments through tailZ 

Meet walker & confirm your booking 

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Walk Report Card


Start and Stop Service Times


Total Walk Time with Map of Walk


Real-Time Dog Location


Track All Walks and Get a Walk Report

Best time of the day for your dog

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Verified walkers in your neighborhood

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One-time walk or set a routine with repeat booking

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Every walker goes through a screening and background verification process

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Meet & Greet before confirming your walker. Easy refund if it doesn't work out

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We got you and your dog covered with our 
24*7 Support !

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