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Access expert help for any pet problem from home!

Every pet parent needs support- when the pet is sick, and just a validation when the pet is healthy! It is not always easy to take your pet to the vet, and an in-person visit is not even required in every case. Online vet consultation will guide you as to when a visit to a vet is necessary. You don't have to delay vet consultations anymore and get help at the right time ! 

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Frequent small issues, skin allergies, itchy dog, stomach upset

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Anxious & stressed dog

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Dog scared to visit a vet- every issue does not even require an in-person visit

Online Vet Consultation is for you:

3 Simple steps to book

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Choose your preferred slot for consultation 

Easy & Secure payments through tailZ app

Join the call through the link on the booking page and get instant prescription

Don't google, Get Expert Advice!

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Puppy Consultation, understanding basic care

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Frequent minor issues- skin, stomach, food

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Validation about how you are caring for your pet

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Second opinion- keep medical records and history ready

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Be ready for the appointment with list of questions 

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We got you and your dog covered with our 
24*7 Support !

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